Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A day in the head of a future full-time employee

Finally this time has come to me. Time to be independent. Time to grow up. Time to feel like an adult. Time to earn my own living. Finally I can say that as of January I'll be working as a full-time employee and in an industry I am yet to discover not only through this blog but now working within it: that is to say the fashion industry.
But truth to be said, we are two months away from January and I am still penniless and wondering if I will be able to find a new place where to live. Let's say it, it looks like finding a job in Munich is much more easier than finding the place you will call home. Despite a difficult situation right now, I feel like some things I wish are really much more reachable to me. I am a very down-to-earth person hence why when I knew I got hired I didn't think about shopping at all (no joke!). Food, that was it. That was all my mind could think about. Then when my brain stopped making a virtual map of all the asian restaurants (especially korean and japanese one) I have seen in Munich, I started thinking not to say worry about my potential new home. See, like I said I am very down-to-earth.

But that was up until I saw on Facebook that my dear «travelmate», Chul, was already planning the places he will visit next year. I didn't get envious but suddenly felt like writing to him, which I did. That is how I learned that he was in Sri Lanka and soon would be leaving for Dubai to then leave again to another destination I would have liked to go with him. This blog is not about culture AND fashion for nothing, Incognito wouldn't be what it is if not for my love for travelling. So no shopping in my mind at the thought of my first job, but just a sudden thirst of going to a place I am missing every day: South Korea (for those who already know this blog, I guess it's no surprise.). 3 years ago when I decided to go to South Korea by myself for one month, I enjoyed my time because eventhough I was a foreigner, I did a lot of tiny little things that made me love this country even more. Tiny little things like going to the cinema, enter every restaurant I could and eat asian food as well as dishes I already knew, go to the library though my reading skills in korean are comparable to the one of a 6 years old child, buy street food at a pojangmacha* and practicing my korean with the ahjummas*I met there. Among all these things I did like I usually do in Europe I also went shopping. I went by myself but also with Chul and this experience has been the most interesting to me. Whereas in Europe I would mainly buy through internet because I really hate queuing and also the horrid behaviour of some sellers, in Seoul I would happily go to crowded places which I usually despise just to shop. 

All this blabber to say that the perspective of becoming financially independent is turning me into a merciless consumer. And because travelling also means consuming, I thought telling you about my fashion cravings wouldn't hurt. If I were to buy clothes right now I wouldn't go to H&M or Zara nor to COS or &Other Stories (really, no joke!). Instead I would definitely go and buy clothes from Yes I'm French and Cres. E Dim. So here is a little selection about what I would like to have from these two brands:

I really like what Sandra is doing, how she is evolving as a designer. To know that she will totally dedicate her time to her brand make me really eager to discover what she will create for her next collection. From her Spring 2014 collection I really want those two sweatshirt dresses for their very androgynous touch. For the first time of my life I am even pondering on styling them with thigh boots! My future full-time state is really making me daring!

My selection for Cres. E Dim is actually part of the casual line of the brand called Dim. E Cres. A casual line that I adore because affordable (the prices are around those of H&M) and simple and yet so versatile. Kim Hong Bum calls this line casual but I can picture myself wearing these clothes everyday as well as for much more dress up events. While I really love Cres. E Dim. jackets, it seems like I fell in love with all the skirts and dresses of the casual line.

Eventhough I am dreaming all this now, reality hurts and my near future is not so rosy. But still I would like to believe that one day I would be able to hang some clothes of these two designers in my wardrobe.

So what is your opinion about my choices?

*pojangmacha: small tented restaurants in which people are selling street food
*ahjumma: that's the way all the ladies are called when there are over 40 in South Korea

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Jesus I love Yes I'm French's design! Looks really eclectic but functional! Love it!

    The Dilly Chic


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