Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The case of the ASOS Tights

In 26 years old of life, I have never been able once to find tights matching my skin colour. Hence the reason why I am always wearing black or colourful one. Eventhough sometimes I wish I could find «nude» tights for me I always end up thinking that it doesn't matter. Why? Because it enables me to be more original with the tights I am buying. For those reading this blog for a long time now, the tights I am wearing on these pictures are not new. After leaving my student status, I now have a new one: hello I'm an intern! Though I am definitely acquiring experience for my future career, my financial situation is still the same (if not worse) as when I was a student. I am broke, really. So to come back to my tights I often wear them, but did you know? I wasn't use to wear tights the way I do now.

Tights have always been for me something to cover my legs when the weather would get colder. I wouldn't even wear them with a skirt or shorts instead they would be totally hidden by my pants. That is why I never considered them to be an accessory to embellish my outfits nor I thought they could be perfect trompe l'oeil. So what made me chose these tights? Burlesque. I adore this performing art, how through it femininity is expressed and everything lingerie and hoisiery.

I am far away from being a burlesque performer and a femme fatale but when I stumbled upon these tights I couldn't resist. I thought they were really sexy since they remind of stockings and I like the stripe detail reminding garters. Nonetheless sexy not being the word to define me, I decided to tone down their sexiness with a quirky outfit. Hence my beloved Charlie Chaplin-esque shoes and the headscarf I decided to style as a bow.

I would never bother wearing stockings and garters and all things in the likes of Dita Von Teese because I don't think it would suit me but still I like creating an outfit around such references.

Thanks to Carmen, my blogger friend and colleague at STYLIGHT for the beautiful pictures!
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


  1. ET ces collants devraient être (solennellement) sanctifiés ès qualité d'indispensables alliés de LA "Vavavoooooooomitude hivernale" ! OUI au micro-short Tout-Terrain :)
    a presto, Antoine

    1. Bonsoir Antoine,

      Encore merci poru les compliments :) ! Je profite maintenant de porter le micro-short parce que l'hiver munichois est tout simplement horrible. Il semble que j'ai un don pour atterir à des endroits qui ne me conviennent pas "météorologiquement", mais bon c'est la vie !

      A presto,


  2. Little tips for tights with your skin colour 'Intimissimi' but really depends which kind of population live in your area too x

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for the tip ;). I know what you mean about the area where I live. In Italy I couldn't find anything, so let's hope Germany won't be the same!

      Again thanks a lot for the tip!


  4. Those tights are real nice.. and yes... now that you mention it.. they do look burlesque inspired.. ! Very fascinating how one can never know what inspirations were running in somebody's mind while they bought something. I often make inspired purchases as well :)

    I really like how your shorts stand out.... plus I have to say that your style does seem unique so yay! to that :)

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

    1. Hello Swati !

      I am glad you liked the tights ! That's precisely the reason why I wrote this post ! You never know what someone is thinking when putting an outfit in the morning so I thought it could be interesting showing it to you in this way instead of the usual "I am wearing this and that" post.

      Those shorts were bought in Italy 3 years ago and costed me 2€ so I am happy to be their owner considering the price I paid for them. I made a good bargain this day !
      Thanks for the compliment on my style !

      See you,



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