Monday, June 10, 2013

Wandering in the ex ghetto

After showing you various churches I thought it was time you see something different about Bologna, hence an afternoon spent in my most favourite place in the town : the Ghetto of Bologna. 
In 1555, Pope Paul IV issued a bull revoking the rights of the jewish community placing economic and religious restrictions on all people belonging to this religion. This action led to the creation all over Europe of ghettos, areas in which Jews were confined and condemned to live. And Bologna was no exception. Despite knowing this bull, I had never seen with my own eyes such an area in my life. The idea of such districts existing in the past is an eering thought to me. But then one day, going for a walk I came across a street with a very suggestive name.

Via dell'Inferno (The Hell Street) is probably the most significative street of the Ghetto since it was named this way in my opinion to remember Jews were the people who killed Jesus, and as a consequence deserved going to Hell. Actually roaming the district you will find that many streets refer to the Jews : Vicolo San Giobbe for Saint Job who is a hero in the Hebrew Bible, Via de' Giudei here the name tells everything by itself : the Jews Street, or Via Canonica refering to the canon of the Hebrew Bible. It is impossible not knowing you are in the ghetto while walking since the name of the streets are recalling the history of the Hebrew.

So let's go through Via dell'Inferno together and see what makes me love this area so much.

The first impression I had when I discovered this area was a feeling of confinement. Little wonder about it since the area was conceived for this goal. This explain the tinier streets in comparison with the rest of the town and the architecture which sometimes recalls a medieval fortress.

Other than its gloomy history, the ghetto is a wonderful place. It has become a really cute area where it is pleasant living in or simply wandering.

Small shops are popping out from everywhere and you can eat delicious indian food, typical dishes from Emilia-Romagna or just like me spend hours reading at Camera Sud, a bar in which you feel like at home.

Come wander with me 

It has been a long time since I last wore my haori. Asking what is it ? It is a japanese garment, more precisely a coat that was initially only worn by men that then became part of the women's wardrobe during the XIXth century. I bought it 3 years ago whilst in Japan in a kimonoya (japanese shop selling kimonos, the "ya" standing for shop in kimonoya)

I have this habit of buying a piece of clothing when travelling. I basically spent an afternoon in this shop learning about kimonos. The experience was enchanting and enriching. I was surrounded by fabrics and people from different generation telling me about this piece of clothing that embodies so much Japan. I initially didn't intend to buy anything there. Wearing a kimono in Japan is ok with me (which I did)  but then adaptating it as daily wear is kind of tricky isn't it ? 
When they proposed me this haori, I couldn't have been happier because I immediately pictured how to wear it. A dress, it had to be a dress (but from time to time I would like to wear it as a coat, but didn't find how to do it yet) !

The fabric is so delicate and refined that most of the time I wear it for special events paired with heels. But by now, you should probably know that I like wearing all my clothes even for casual occasions. That is why to tone down the classy effect of my haori I decided to wear it along with a pair of Converse. Usually for casual outings I put on some ballerinas with it but unfortunaly my last pair is no more wearable but still I like this new combo I made with one of my favourite accessory : a headscarf. If you are wondering about my bag it is a gift from my parents and it is from the french brand Lulu Castagnette.

Do you have in your own town an area such as the ex ghetto loaded with a tragic history and yet beautiful ? What do you think about my outfit ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


  1. C'est la cerise sur le ghetto cet article ! *sort*
    Ça me rappelle le ghetto de Venise et ses couleurs, jaune, orange et rouge...
    J'aime beaucoup ta tenue, élégante et décontractée à la fois. Tu la portes très bien !

    1. ahaha pas mal pas mal ! *tu peux rester, tu viens de me faire rire*

      Je n'ai été à Venise qu'une fois où je n'ai malheureusement pratiquement rien vu de ce que je voulais voir car j'ai eu la "bonne" idée d'y aller au moment du Carnaval, autrement dit au moment LE PLUS MAL CHOISI de l'année. J'ai été dégoûtée car je n'ai pu profiter de rien tellement il y avait horde de touristes. Mais maintenant que tu me dis ça, j'ai vraiment envie d'y retourner..

      Merci beaucoup c'était l'effet que je voulais obtenir "élégant et décontracté" :).

      A bientôt

      ps : je suis drôlement contente de voir que ces articles te plaisent, ça me donne encore plus envie de continuer :D hihihi

  2. Beautiful photos! And thanks for the history lesson. Much appreciated!

    1. Thank you, I am glad you appreciated both the pictures and the story behind the ex ghetto.

  3. I didn't know who Jews were. You can gasp its ok... :) I obviously came across the word a lot but never looked it up. But now I know at least the basics....

    And in Bologna... even an ex-ghetto is so beautiful in my eyes.... I would love to roam those streets... totally. The narrow cobble stone paths with brightly colored houses is what dreams are made of for me. The street name Via dell'Inferno is so intriguing.... and you explained it so well.

    By the way... you mentioned Indian food... what all have you tried eating? I am curious :D

    And I love all the culture attached to your outfit. And wearing the converse along was a great decision. It injects sort of a personal flavor to your outfit. You could indeed be photographed by a street style photographer in this one. :)

    Swati @ The Creative Bent


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