Monday, June 24, 2013

New beginnings : About my studies and my future internship

Instead of writing you how much I feel blessed to intern at Stylight on July, I prefer telling you about my studies background and application experience because I guess I am not the only fashion outsider who desire working in the fashion industry. All I hope is that reading this post, it will be of some help to some of you. But before if you didn't know yet this new Munich based fashion community, I invite you to read the post I wrote about it here

I am not a person who acts on the spur of the moment, quite the opposite. Overthinking and dissecting every little thing happening around me and in my life is another of my distinctive trait or simply a consequence of my constant curiosity. Hence the reason why I first observed the growth of Stylight and its interaction with its followers before creating my first moodboards.

By the way here are some of my recent ones: 

Though my ultimate dream is to become a fashion journalist, feeling close to a community which both understands bloggers and show you fashion also happens in other capitals which are not the usual ones (London, Milan etc..) made me want to work for Stylight. Each time I would see pictures of its HQ, bloggers telling about their experience there or reading their magazine it made me eager to go there. But when like me you have quite a disparate study background, it is difficult to imagine yourself in such an environment. In France I did what is called "classes préparatoires", hypokhâgne and khâgne exactly, a well-known two years literary formation which prepares to the Grandes Ecoles (the best schools of France). There I studied geography, History, French literature, Italian literature (my major), philosophy and English for 3 years. As 90% of the students of this formation I didn't succeed in getting the entrance exam of the Grande Ecole hence my choice to do an Erasmus at Bologna and complete my degree in italian culture and language. Once I got it I decided to study International Relations to give my first degree more value and this is how I applied for the faculty of Politic Sciences of Bologna. Though my studies path seems to give me a very wide choice I would say that it is not the case given the way WE ARE NOT INFORMED about the numerous possibilities we have to find a job in our study areas or not in France. Instead we are only told about the obvious opportunities or utterly discouraged to do what we really want (especially when it is related to creative jobs) because literary formations are underrated. I still remember this bitch lady when attending the Student Fair demonstrating me I would fail if I ever entered the law faculty because I didn't do the scientific section in high school. In France, people of my generation and with my literary background grew up being told we couldn't do anything because we were labelled as unable to think in an organized way, not practical, too absent-minded in brief we are useless to the society. Growing up in such an environment it was and still is difficult for some of us being bold and apply for a job we want, but fortunalety my years spent in Italy proved me that whatever you did before you have many opportunities, it's only up to you knowing how to use everything at your advantage. 

Albeit I like studying International Relations I came to realize that I only liked it and didn't love it, then blogging made me more and more conscious about what I really loved doing : writing about fashion and culture. Having no connection in the fashion industry I was wondering how I could find an opportunity to enter this world until I saw on Stylight they were looking for an intern to be part of their content & community management team for Italy. Obviously they were looking for a native speaker but still I sent my application with my CV and a cover letter which took me years writing. They requested for someone who studied  (or was still studying) journalism, marketing, event management, communication science or fashion. All areas I am NOT familiar with (except for journalism since I followed a class for it during my first year in Italy, so thank God for this fortunate coincidence !), so how could I do to convince them I was THE one ? How could I cope with my gaps ? It took me a while to write my cover letter because I first had to convince myself that not having a background in the areas mentioned was not an issue. Then I also had to show them though I wasn't a native italian speaker I was the right one, I could do it.
My cover letter was based on one point : my linguistic skills. I speak French, English and Italian. And though in France I am considered pretty useless unless I am a translator, teacher or a research worker (who in the end are also considered useless..), I firmly believe speaking and writing not only in your mothertongue is a precious trump card. "Being a polyglot means placing myself on different perspectives when observing what surrounds me, having great communication skills and above all always being willing to learn more". Here is how I summed up what speaking 3 languages was useful for. It isn't not only about translation but also about how you perceive an environment thanks to this ability. Speaking about myself wasn't the main goal of the cover letter since I also had to picture how my ability could help Stylight. Given the multicultural aspect of the community I had to prove them I was able to understand people from different parts of the world because of what I've just uttered. I also explained writing in italian enabled me to connect better with local bloggers and designers, something which helped me figure out better the italian fashion panorama and above all match Stylight requisite of knowing the fashion and blogging environment of the country. Lastly I linked them 4 of my posts to show them my writing skills on diverse subjects which meant I was in grade of writing articles for their magazine.

If you think I was accepted for this internship, YOU GUESSED WRONG ! I was refused because I wasn't a native italian speaker. NONETHELESS my recklessness worthed it since they proposed me the same internship for France.  In short what I wanted to say is to try, you'll never know where you'll go if you don't try. I don't have a background in fashion nor in the specific areas they mentioned but my cover letter and my blog were what made the distinction as I was told my profile was interesting because of these two things. 
I am not getting a job nor getting younger, I mean..I am 25. I feel really old for an internship but I definititely think I should live this experience to be able to do what I love. My destination after this internship is unknown but doing my best is what is motivating me right now.

So yes I will leave Bologna, Italy for Munich, Germany at the beginning of July which also means I won't be able to post as regularly as I do currently. Since I am looking for a new person to take my room and prepare my departure, I think I will post once a week in the section I desire hoping you will stay regular readers or if you're not one having pleasure to discover the blog.

If you lived an experience similar to mine or are willing to advise me, I am there ! You can leave me a comment below or simply write me at

Now letting you with Stylight first TV Spot !


ps : I tried being as transparent and honest as possible so I hope you will appreciate it.
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


  1. C'est comme un transfert footballistique, le "mercato" te menant (en l'occurrence) d'Italie en Allemagne ;) !
    ps: Ta formation littéraire, axée sur les humanités, est une garantie d'adaptabilité, de capacité à mettre en perspective le contexte dans lequel tu évolues, atout ô combien précieux, tout sauf hors-sujet dans notre univers globalisé ;) !

    a presto, Antoine

    1. Bonsoir Antoine,

      Ca me fait plaisir de lire un de tes commentaires et surtout de voir que tu m'encourages.
      Eh oui, j'ai tout fait pour rester en Italie mais je n'ai pas réussi, mais le changement est bon pour l'esprit ! J'ai hâte d'être en Allemagne, de la découvrir, d'apprendre la langue et d'observer cette société.

      C'est bien dommage que tu sois un des rares français (j'inclus ausssi mes parents et leurs amis) à considérer la formation littéraire de cette façon..ça serait tellement bien que l'on comprenne que humanités et matières scientifiques sont reliées en France..

      A presto !

  2. I read the entire post and I confirm what I've already thought about you: you are a very great person, curious, intelligent, smart, unconventional, full of enthusiasm and, how we say in Italy "affamata di conoscenza e nuove esperienze".
    It such a great thing to read that someone appreciate Italy for the education field. Usually us, Italians, dream, wish o move to foreign countries to study because in Italy we are not appreciated (same story for job field). It's beautiful to hear that a french girl loved to live and study here, because she had the possibilities to experiment, discover new things and so on.
    I think that the whole world is in our hands: we can decide to do anything we want, doesn't matter what we have studied, which are our attitudes, etc. If we like something, we have to try that. We should learn to say to ourselves "why not?" instead of "why?". Less fear, more action.

    Good luck for your amazing experience in Munich!
    I really hope to see you and your amazing hair (:D) very soon, maybe in Munich!

    Greta ♡ In Moda Veritas

    1. Ciao Greta,

      Oh thank you so much for the compliments !

      I definitely think that the way you are teached is more efficient than in France. Most of my french friends get angry with me when I say you are more cultured but it's true. Going to liceo classico or liceo scientifico, you can equally choose to go study humanities or sciences, in my country it is impossible because in the literary section we are not teached scientific subjects anymore at a certain level and in the scientific one French literature and History are not even well considered so it happens in some areas that they have very few hours to study these subjects. I don't even want to talk about philosophy ! I feel you have a more structured mind therefore you are better at synthetising and organizing your thoughts. On the other hand what I missed whilst living in Italy was writing essays, here most of the exams are orals and when I did wrote ones, I was astonished that it was more about regurgitating what we learned instead of using our knowledge to reflect. Nonetheless, it was slightly different when I switched to Politic Sciences and was more reflective eventhough it can't be compared to what we do in France.
      I indeed hear about a lot of Italian who want to go to study abroad and it saddens me but when you are living in your own country you always perceive the other ones greener :). That is why I ended up studying in Bologna after all^^.

      That's my point, If I had spent less time wondering "should I do it or not ?" I bet I would have done what I wanted earlier..

      Thanks a lot !

      I really hope to see you again too ;) If it is the case hopefully I will have my hair bigger :p !
      You made me curious when you mentioned Munich..ahahaha

      See you !

  3. You are never too old to start doing what you love Shug! Your journey sounds amazing..... it could be trying for you... but for me its fascinating. You didn't let people hold you down, and well why should you..... It is nobody's business how you choose to live your life. I hate career prejudices too, who doesn't. But a virtue of the creatives usually is we ultimately learn not to give a f**k right :)

    So go on... live your dreams.... you are really taking life as one day at a time. I am sure you have a bright future in fashion journalism. I am really looking forward to seeing you achieve that dream. Plus last thing, that I really loved is you have no fear of moving around. I have not seen that here or in myself for that matter. I am inspired to the core from that quality... to not live tied down. All the best!

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

    1. Hello Swati,

      That's what everybody is telling me but still I can't help feeling this way. I think it is inevitable feeling this way. When you finish your studies you are at this stage of your life where you should start thinking of your career, your economical independence

      For many years I was confused about what I wanted to do. I knew writing was something I loved doing but couldn't put my thoughts together to transform it as a job. Not paying attention to what people think was and still is hard for me. Whilst my parents encourage me going to Munich, they are also telling me I should find a job in the EU when it is the last thing I wish for..I understand their worries and I worry for myself too because after all choosing the path my family wants for me is reassuring. Furthermore in Europe, working for UE means a good pay (if you get the right competitive examinations) and a secured post. So it's not like I don't have any fear, I'd rather say I am actually terrified by my own choice, but if I don't try I will regret it all my life.

      So hope I will be able to achieve my dreams ! Moving around is the thing I fear the least and on the contrary I'm more excited about. Travelling is in my DNA :). Because of his work my dad moved a countless number of times during his life and when my brother and I were born, we also moved pretty much with him. But this doesn't mean I don't have some apprehension. Germany is the first country I will live in without knowing its language nor its culture which means I really don't know where I am heading to and how the mentality is. But just for this I guess the discovery will be both interesting and kind of brutal !

      Thank you, really, I am so glad to have you as a reader but also having you encouraging me. Knowing I am not alone is the best !

      Thank you again Swati !

      See you !

  4. Congratulations for this! I agree with you that you should always test the water before diving in too deep. Internships are great for this purpose.

    In my opinion, there really never is "too old" for anything. What deems you as "old" is really the society and the social pressure; money, career, family life, etc. More often than not you'll feel the pressure at your shoulder because you aren't performing at the same pace as everyone else around you. But what they don't know is that you're tracking at a different lane.

    Forgive the speech, but I just feel that I can so much relate to your situation. I just turned 20 and am also diving in a major that has nothing to do with the job I want to dive in (try relating industrial engineering to fashion illustrating). I was told by almost everyone around that I should be sticking to engineering stuff for work. I'm too old to start illustrating as a career because everyone is already so far ahead of me. And far more knowledgeable in the field of fashion too. Their point is that I'm a dead meat if I decide to steer my wheel away.

    That's why I love seeing you do this. Not afraid to take opportunities, living life to its fullest. I have to admit that I envy you! I hope when the opportunity comes, I can be as brave as you are! So bravo to that Shug!! Really happy for you (seriously)!

    eyeshadow illustrator

    1. Hey Nadya,

      You summed up very well why I am feeling old ! And thank you for formulating it in such a great way !

      Don't excuse yourself ! The post was written on this purpose, to make people relate. Like that we discuss, create a dialogue and even advise eachother ! I really didn't know and don't think being 20 is too old to start illustrating as a career. You are 5 years old younger than me (6 in reality, I'll turn 26 in 2 months...sigh..), probably have 2 or 3 years of uni in industrial engeneering done but still it is not like you are at the end of your studies or realizing you loved illustrating whilst already working.
      Do the people who told you that are from the fashion industry ? If so, so strange because they are pretty open minded usually compared to other career field..Chase for your dream in fashion illustration, you are SO young !

      Look for internships, do whatever it takes to get your illustrations put all over the internet, publications etc..If you are fan of some illustrators, shoot them an email asking them for advices. Even if you are afraid go for it ! You don't know how much I am terrified by my own choice..but if I don't go for it, I'll feel bad.

      I am glad my piece has been inspiring to you and I thank you so much for your support ! Like I said to Swati above I am really to have each of you as readers, really, I mean it !

      See you ;) !

  5. Well, spending your life doing what you hate and living in the place which you hate is for me a form of self-violence and lack of self respect (rule applied to the first world of course).

    I know many people international and Frenchies here in Paris who are your age and older and still fight for their dreams. If you are not born in privileged family (egalité, liberté... yeah sure French sense of humor) and you don't want to wake up in your 45+ in the cubical asking WTF has happened? Then you are doing the right thing for sure:)

    I always thought that your blog deserves more attention, now hopefully it will give you your dream job after internship:)


    Aneta and Felik

    P.S. My teacher explained me what "Grands écoles" are and I have another subject to b*** in Paris :DDD

    1. Hello !

      Sorry for the late reply !

      I totally agree with you about your vision on the matter and find it quite interesting because I am pretty sure few people consider not doing what they like as a form of self violence.

      Reaching your dream is sure difficult but trying is a necessity to me. If I don't try I feel like I would miss something. I so cracked up when I read your post about Liberté, Egalité et Fraternité because our motto is absolutely no more valid. If before it was difficult to reach your dream, I guess now it is even harder, but trying won't kill !

      Thank you for thinking this way about the blog. I wish I had more readers too but I am not shaped like a model, don't take editorial-esque pictures, I am not fond of Chanel, Dior in terms of gaining attention I guess it is harder. Plus I don't think most of the people have the patience to actually READ a blog anymore unless you're already an authority in blogging. But yes I hope this little space of mine will help landing my dream job ;)

      So both of you thanks a lot for your support !

      P.S. That is why sometimes I hate my country, why create a system that no one will ever understand abroad which means hardly acknowledged on your CV in other areas...hope you got a grasp of what "Grandes Ecoles" are !

      See you !

  6. how exciting!!! I'm so happy for you.. and you'll nail it! best of luck!..internships are a great way to start.. you gotta start somewhere so that's a big step.. once you're in.. stand out! make yourself noticeable and needed... they won't let you go if you prove them they need you there.. and I know they do!

    1. Hello Ivette,

      Thanks a lot for your support, really !

      I am actually like REALLY frightened about not being able to make it after that. I am aware that landing an internship is a good step but climbing the ladder to an actual job is not that easy so reading your words is really encouraging me. I am actually gathering the most informations possible so that I succeed in my internship and also find a job after it. So I am crossing fingers right now !

      Thanks a lot again !


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