Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's ok not having a boyfriend and wearing The Kooples

Albeit not owning this very fashionable and trendy accessory that every famous fashion blogger has I still love The Kooples. This french ready-to-wear brand lives by two mottos : "A wardrobe for two" and "Until fashion do them part". I bet reading these two slogans you understood that the fashionable and trendy accessory I am talking about is THE boyfriend. The brand has indeed built its concept on couples therefore the name and campaigns showcasing stylish and très bourgeois pairs.

The caption says " Fahrani & Luke have been a couple for 3 years"

"Alexandra & Demi have been a couple for 2 days"

"Adam & Karolina have been a couple for 3 years"

Despite its french roots The Kooples has a very british touch. No wonder since it is Norton & Son's, the tailor-made suit shops located in the the well-known Saville Row in London, to create the patterns and choose the fabrics for the garments. But while The Kooples clothes scream rock, vintage, chic AND above all Great Britain, I can't help but find it so very French. Remember  what French people are known for in fashion ? As a French my ego is totally going crazy writing the following words : effortlessly chic (editor's note : if this last sentence sounded very partial it is because it utterly is. Sorry there are few occasions for me to feel conceited so let me see how it is like at least for 5 minutes). So more than seeing the rock and british side of The Kooples I prefer pondering on why French people (in one word me, because as you know in this blog I represent my whole nation) find this brand so cool.
I guess the answer lies two factors : the androgyny and the suit. Suit has been the same uniform for men since the 1850's and considering we are now in 2013, I guess we can say this outfit is timeless. And according to me, us, French like timeless clothes. Like everybody else in the world we are influenced by trends but like no one else in the world we are very constant when it comes to our personal style. We can have trendy garments but they will never take over on what we consider basics for our wardrobe. Proposing clothing that can be worn by both men and women really is a clever idea because who will ever get bored by a blazer or a good pair of pants when there are considered to be a necessity in a wardrobe ?

This said, eventhough I can't indulge myself with some The Kooples clothes, I have every right to dream hence the wishlist below.

I don't need more. Really. The dress is simple and yet very feminine, it does not have any rock or british vibe for me, it is just a simple dress and rightly because of that I love it. As for the jacket I like its cut and biker leather collar. Since I am a real tomboy who like comfort AND great style I thought this pair of leather boots would be a perfect match with the dress and the jacket.
Ok. Truthi is I need more. Picturing myself wearing a colourful headscarf, huge golden earring and rings and a golden bracelet along with these essentials is not but a dreamy dream, nonetheless this outfit wouldn't be complete if I didn't add my personal twist to it. 
Yes, I am French BUT as you may have realized by now I do have my own stylish peculiarities !

Your opinion about The Kooples ? What about my small but pricey wishlist  ?
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


  1. I'm with you on this! For me this brand has the best of French and the British twist. How cool does the last couple look? That burgundy ensemble is genius! xx

    1. Hello Victoria,

      I believe The Kooples is one of the rare that is not surfing on trends always offering quality clothing and essential pieces. That is why I love it so much. Rock spirit or not like I said on my post a good jacket or a good suit is perenially fashionable ;) !

      And yes the burgundy ensemble is definitely one of my favourite :D.

      See you,


  2. ohh author you did a great job this is the new trend in professional and casual look.i will buy this for the all purposes. :)


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