Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Writing Style Wanted

Since I've already introduce you to 2 fashion designers last Wednesdays, I thought it was good idea to make a break and tell you about something that is on my mind since quite a few time now. I have a literary background, hence my love for reading and writing. However, I must admit that eventhough I appreciate writing, doing it well is a difficult task. This blog wouldn't be there if not for you, readers, that's why I consider, telling you about its process is important. And writing is definitely a part of it.

It's reassuring to know that Marcel Proust wrote in his bed, I feel justified doing the same now.

Writing in english, french and italian for the blog is actually quite a battle for me. Yes it is time consuming but more than that I am constantly wondering if my writing skills are good enough to convey the best my ideas and also if through them you can feel who I am, my personality. See, I am not a journalist nor a writer, but a blogger (which ultimately has become a dirty word for some) but this doesn't mean that I don't care about my writing style.
I re-read the posts I wrote at the beginning of Incognito and those I wrote recently and found an evolution in my writing but in spite of it, I wouldn't dare saying that I have a writing style, my writing style to be more accurate. I am not yet feeling that through my words you can perceive my personality.

Most of the bloggers I am reading and really am a fan of are bloggers that have a strong opinion BUT also great communication skills AND really know how to write. Grammar, syntax, orthograph they are pros in it. Susie Lau of Style Bubble and Leandra Medine of Man Repeller are the first coming to my mind. Both of them have a perfect knowledge of english and yet have a distinctive writing style. The first one is very british in her writing and you can feel her strong love for literature and history, while for the second one you can feel a more journalistic and quirky style in her writing. I also admire Garance DorĂ© because through her writing she makes you feel like you were having a cup of tea with her. In brief, if you put in front of my eyes a post by Susie, Leandra or Garance without telling me who wrote what, I could probably tell you who the original author is. Coming back to me and Incognito, in my opinion, I am missing this point : what makes my writing distinctive from other bloggers.
When I started this blog, there weren't many written fashion blogs in which their authors expressed their views. Now, it seems like there is a shift or more accurately, now there are more and more blogs in which both visual and critical content are equally important. The fact is that everybody can have an opinion but it is the way we express it that will take us from « being a blogger,to a good blogger and finally to a great blogger. » Most of you perceive a tiny part of my self through my unpolished writing, and even the pictures of the Bugs Bunny toothed girl you see on Mondays or the stoic model you (hardly) see on Thursdays can't tell you that I am actually ironical, critical (these two characteristics are so very French, it's in our DNA, I swear you, if you don't find a French criticizing, there's something wrong) and from time to time funny. Actually, a little bit of this side of my personality surface when I get upset. You know, for example when I don't understand why a certain italian blogger has a column in a magazine when she has NO writing talent or when a certain italian editor-in-chief is ill-mannered towards her readers. Each time I wrote in this state of mind, understand when my mind was filled with %@$*!fhshfie$*@ ! very poetic swearwords, it was then that you, readers, were very touched and reacted. But since I can't be upset 24/7, I should also learn how to have a writing style when I am in a good mood.

My desk looks E-X-A-C-T-L-Y like the one of Honoré de Balzac in the picture : shambolic. I feel reassured. I'm on my way to be a greater writer.

If you are wondering why I am telling you about this, it is because I consider you part of how I am evolving as a blogger but also as a person. Incognito would have no sense without you. I believe that telling you about my weaknesses will bring me (hopefully) to become a better, and later a greater blogger, and for us to have a special bond.

So if you don't mind, can you tell me what do you think about my writing ?
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  1. I think you're a very good writer, at least what I've read on your posts is clear, edited and explicit; right to the point.. plus it's amusing to read, you can really express yourself through typed words.
    Having said that, I can relate to your somewhat called "anger" about people that can't right a thing and are landing cool writing jobs where they don't belong.. why is that? who knows.. same ways as to designers that triumph when they only do copies of other designs, musicians that can't sing a tune but have a pretty face and therefore that's enough.. bad actresses, bad cooks... I just hope they don't hire bad pilots to fly planes though...
    what can we do when life allows this madness to happen?... in my opinion, 2 things; let it slide and move on.. or push yourself to prove that you're better and deserve a spot where ever it is you want that.. working hard for something will eventually bring you to that.. don't you think? has to!.. I must trust hope in this sort of matter..otherwise... dreaming would be useless...
    take care shug, keep on writing

    1. Hello Ivette,

      Sorry for my late reply and thank you so much for your feedback! I am actually afraid of not writing in a good way since English is not mothertongue. Before when we were in 3 on the blog I could rely on Abslute.B since she has a degree in English literature and has a super high level of english (no joke!), I was afraid you will notice the discrepancy between her written english and mine.

      Abilities are less and less renowned but I understand that now, if you have great communication, PR skills (and money in some cases) success may come to you eventhough your talents are so so. Like you are saying the only way to overcome this is to work harder and to continue dreaming big.

      Thanks a lot for your comment ! Reading it made my day!


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