Monday, January 28, 2013

Looking for earrings

Did you notice how much I like wearing huge earrings ? The fact is that I owned a pretty big collection that unfortunately became a tiny one because just like Hop-o'-My-Thumb, I scattered them here and there during my last trips. As a consequence the only thing I want now is to rebuild my collection hence my quest of finding new ones.

I adore huge earrings. Whatever their shape is. But what I love the most is playing with colours, it is of an extreme importance to me that my earrings match with my skin colour. I think amongst all the jewels I have I consider earrings the most important because they have the potential to turn a simple outfit into something original.
I believe that I particularly pay attention to these jewels because of my roots. Living in Africa during my childhood, I was very influenced by the huge jewels and earrings that were worn by women there. I like earrings (and jewels) when they are huge, colourful and  well-shaped.

Earrings from Young Republic and Asos.

Now that I gave you an idea of the type of earrings I like wearing, you may wonder why, in this case, in the selection I made I only chose golden ones when usually I get my eyes on silvered and colourful ones. Here is my answer : I think my selection makes sense since gold matches well my skin colour. But I won't stop here. It seems that ultimately I am loving more and more minimalism because I pay more attention to the shapes, the less details there are the better it is. "Less is more", the concentration on what is essential have never made so much sense than now to me. And what is more essential than the shapes since they are at the very basis of every creation ?

What do you think about these earrings ? What is your opinion about minimalism ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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