Thursday, November 8, 2012

Photographer : Megan Kathleen McIsaac

So far on Shoot That Thursday, I only spoke about men photographers and never introduce you to a woman, so here we are ! Discover the photographer Megan Kathleen McIsaac.

Photographer : Megan Kathleen McIsaac
Megan sites : Tumblr & Megan Kathleen McIsaac

Why Megan Kathleen McIsaac ? When I joined Tumblr, Megan was part of the first photographer I saw but not only, she was also part of the photohraphers I immediately fell in love with. I was totally smitten with her universe which is gentle, nostaligic, very feminine and oh so timeless. Sometimes I would watch her pictures wondering if there were really shot during our era. I really like this  feeling of not knowing when a picture was taken because that shows how much photography is an art where time doesn't matter eventhough we are in an all digital era. Actually Megan takes a lot of her pictures with a non digital camera which I also appreciate a lot. An other thing that I love about her are her self portraits and the fact that everything, everyone that surround her are part of her photographic world, I would even say that everything in her life is photography. On her tumblr you can have a glance of her life in a very artistic way. I just like these photographers where you feel that art is permeating every inch of their existence, that's exactly how I feel when looking at Megan's picture.

What I'm seeing. When I first saw this picture I thought that the model was absolutely beautiful. I like her hairstyle, her face and her bust. Why I love her bust ? Because it has perfect proportions, and in photography proportions are very important. Why they are important here ? I think that Megan decided to make a topless  picture of her because she perfectly knew that she has a beautiful bust and that this particular detail would enable us, viewer, to pay attention to this necklace. That is why proportions are important here as her breasts are not too big to the extent of making us forget the necklace or too small so that you only notice the jewel.
In my opinion this picture is very fashionable and I wouldn't be shocked if it was an advert for a jewellery brand. Keep in mind that fashion photography is not my cup of tea that is why for some this picture may not be seen as fashionable.

And you, do you consider this picture fashionable ?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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