Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shooting with Clarence de Vil

lf you read this blog you may have already been introduced to Clarence de Vil (if not meet him here ), our young designer came from the USA to Italy. And guess what ? Incognito got shot by him so here is an other special feature !

It was right back on January that a message of Clarence arrived in our mailbox. It was right back when I was in France  and have to take my flight the day after we read his mail. It was right back then that I met with my girls to discuss about this message and what to do.
I remember I was with my big luggage at a cafe to speak about it with my ladies. Clarence said he was in Rome and I was heading back to Bologna...I remember that in the end, we take our decision quite rapidly and I'll go to Rome to shoot with Clarence. I remember that in a blink of an eye I was in Rome in company of Clarence, Angelise and Renee, Clarence friends and assistants. We spoke, we learned to know each other, we laughed and above all we had great time. It was my first time doing a shooting related to the blog so I was a little bit stressed but my new friends were so nice to me that I forgot all about it and enjoyed my time with them.

While Clarence cared about the styling, Angelise and Renee took care of my make up and hairstyle. And here is the result !

The clothes for this shooting are the courtesy of the brand Empresa. The style of this brand is very "noir", sophisticated, a little bit retro with its own contemporary touch. So when I saw their style eventhough the clothes were beautiful (you don't know how much I wanted to bring this dress at home with me !) I wondered how I would be able to stand in them. Because when shooting for clothes you have to be in harmony with the spirit of the brand. Clarence perfectly understood what was this spirit about but gave it his own twist. With him the "noir" atmosphere became more like a very stylish and trendy night out atmosphere.

Clarence also asked me to bring some clothes which I did. He mixed my clothes with the ones of Empresa but he also gave them a new life by styling them in his very unique way. On the photo below, everey piece of cloth is mine but I would have never worn them as he styled them. It would have never crossed my mind to wear my jumpsuit like a trouser and pair it with my vintage lace shirt. 

This shooting was definitely different from all the ones I did before as it was fashion related (that is why I didn't put it in our Shooting That Thursday section). We had to be extra careful with the clothes given by Empresa, it was also interesting seeing how Clarence worked, do I have to say that I never worked with a designer before ? So the way he did things was really different from the shootings I made before because he was both the photographer and stylist.
If I had to do it again, I will without hesitation !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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