Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shoot That Shug : Me as a model #1

Before Shoot That Thursday was created I showed you some photos I made as a model with my friend Thoùm here . Today I am going to show an other shoot we made together.

Who ? Thoùm

Where ? Somewhere in Fireland

Wanted. Besides being a photographer, Thoùm is a circus artist and because of this he is passionated by fire. He proposed me this shooting because he had in mind a wall of fire so that he could highlight my silhouette. It was kind of an experimental shooting because to make this wall of fire he really had to think hard. But I can’t reveal you anything about how he succeeded in making it, it is his secret !

Feeling. This picture is called Heat. Let me tell you that eventhough I was scared to death, unlike Thoùm I am NOT passionated by fire, I accepted this shooting because it was a challenge for me. I had never done photos with fire and despite my fear I thought giving it a try could be a great experience. A photographer highlighting his model silhouette by using fire was uncommon for me, that is why I accepted this project. Believe me that it wasn’t easy at all ! Being a few meters next to fire, on a windy night and naked is quite challenging ! It was all about controlling my fear for fire to obtain great pictures.
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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