Friday, August 17, 2012

Time to dance in the summer heat !

If this hot and sunny weather also makes you feel like listening to funky bouncy vibes, if the summer heat is also killing you, Absolute Bassline got the tracks you need.
Turn up the volume and cool down to these chill funky tunes.


  The first track is an absolute banger from Parisian DJ Baptiste MolliconeWith such a name, he could only be a mafioso or an artist. Let’s be glad he chose to be the latter because he has produced a certain number of little gems like this remix of Fergie’s tube Glamorous. The sexy vocals are the same only this time Baptiste added an absolutely delightful bass line and funky arrangements. His inspiration (Justice and Daft Punk for instance) is clearly audible, but hey, French Touch oblige ! Plus it works really well and it’s definetely to be tagged as #summer jam. You can find this track in free dowload on Baptiste Mollicone’s soundcloud.

Photo : Very soon. <3

   The second track is a special treat from Shook: a delicious summer track that he produced in collaboration with American singer Pumashock and song writer Billy D. Drinz.
It is amazing to see (and hear) with which consistency Shook produces high-quality tunes. The ingridents vary from song to song but the result is always the same: a brilliant track with a funky rhythm and a sophisticated melody. 

   Here the instrumental is deliciously playful and works really well with Pumashock’s sexy voice and the carefree lyrics written by Billy D. Dinz. And the icing on the cake is the beautiful keyboard solo at the end that Shook knows oh so well how to do. And if you’re now dancing in the summer heat, support Shook by buying this single on his bandcamp. It’s only 1$20 and he surely deserves it !

Find Baptiste|Souncloud|Website|
Find Shook   |Soundcloud|Facebook|Bandcamp|

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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