Friday, May 4, 2012

A great part of immensity

Do you want to go to the seaside ? I fell in love with the seaside.

   I'm a girl from the seaside. So I need the ocean. I never get tired of facing the immensity of the sea, no matter the weather or the season. So let's take a walk together along my beloved sea so I can share with you my love and passion.

Along the water. Le Porge  (France)

   Can you hear the sound of the waves ? This melody makes me so nostalgic of my hometown that I recorded it and put in on my Ipod, in case of withdrawal. It's slow and rythmic at the same time. You can hear each wave that comes crashing on the sand and melts into a harmonious sound. Like notes on a sheet music.

Lacanau en FĂ©vrier

   But even when it's calm, without any waves, I'm still drawn to water like a magnet. The sun reflected on the ocean is more beautiful than anything to me. I always keep that memory in my head whenever it rains. The thought of the ocean feels me with sun warmth because it also reminds me of the summer. The mediterraneean landscapes have a charm and a tremendous beauty that everyone envies.

The Mediterranean See from Italy
The Mediterranean Sea from from Verezzi in Ligury

   No need to go to the Pacific Islands or Polynesia in order to see breath-taking seascape. Here too, the sea can be transparent or have completely different colors according to the time and place. The water breaking against the rocks also has a visual power.

The see in Le Cinque Terre in Italy

  Now let's end this post with the sun's bed time. We all know it, a sunset on the ocean is priceless. It's perfect time for lovers. The colors change again, the sea becomes dark, more mysterious and more harrowing. One of its thousands faces.

Falling day in Ligury

Sunset on the Mediterranean Sea

(translated from French by Absolute B.)
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Reading this while listening to Tracy Chapman somehow makes me incredibly melancholic. Beautiful post!


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