Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Odyssey by Cartier

Luxury brands commercials have always made us dream and travel. Cartier is no exception with its Odyssey. 

The original inspiration. From the very beginning, the commercial manages to create a link between jewelry and the elements. Ice and glass mix into shattered glass, creating an ambiguity. In this trip between dream and reality, everything is possible, everything is jewelry. Like a reminder of the fact that all the things that surround us are jewels, it's just up to us to notice it.  

Land of the Tsars. The beauty of these few seconds is breath taking. The movements of the panther are so light, sensual and enhanced by the majestuous russian architecture. The icy imaginary is enchanting and the images show so much purity. 

Love and Trinity. The panther goes through the Cartier rings. The Love bracelet (inevitable for all love birds) and the Trinity ring which three colors represent the three pillars of love: love, fidelity and friendship. The Odyssey is then also temporal because Cartier also travels in time and presents flash backs of important moments in its history.  

Trinity ring: pink gold for love,  pour l'amour, metal gold for friendship and yellow gold for fidelity 

Trinity bracelet: it closes with a screwdriver in order to seal the love

Tête à tête with the celestial dragon. If Cartier crosses the Great Wall of China, it is also to remind us of its asian influences. That is why the two mythical animals and also symbols of the brand (the dragon and the panther) are confronted. The first one flies above the earth with fluidity whe the second one moves with sensuality. Beauty is multiple: beauty of the movement, beauty of the shapes, beauty of the creations. It is a whole.  

Chinese inspirations

The indian dream. This passage highlights the importance of the present moment. The impermanence is represented by the dragonflies flutter. The reality changes in a matter of seconds, from a cave to a ride on an elephant's back. Then comes the Instant of the breaking dawn and the clock symbolizing the passing of time.

The conquest of the skies. The Santos watch reminds us of the Instant and also creates a link with the skies since it is called after a well known aviator, the inspiration for this piece. Not only does Cartier had us travel the world but the brand also managed to mixed the elements to create great pieces of jewelry.

The Santos watch, was made for the aviator so taht he could read time without letting go of the controls.

The panther. The panther was the nickname of Jeanne Toussaint, Cartier's collaborator and it is also the sylmbole of the brand. 
The panther, symbole of Cartier

However, the last seconds of the commercial allow the sensuality of the panther and that of the women to be linked. The contact between the two, the red of the dress, Paris, city of love... And the woman wears a bracelet representing a panther. Feline and sensual, like a woman. 

(translated from French by Absolute B.)

Find more about the Cartier Odyssey on this beautiful website:
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


  1. love panthers in jewelry!
    I've always thought that if I was an animal, I'd be panther no doubt.. a black one that is... so that ring is looking damn fine to me.
    There is one mexican actress that had her own Cartier piece of jewelry made too.. and it's quite gorgeous as well.. it was a serpent diamond necklace for Maria Felix, in 1968 or 67... don't really remember... great post!

    1. I only know Maria Felix photos (yes I didn't see any film of her yet but I am pretty sure my dad did because it is thanks to him that I get to know her )as I find her breathtakingly chic but never knew Cartier did a piece of jewelry for her ! I am going to look into it !


  2. Oh adding to the conversation above! Yes Maria Felix had her own Cartier piece and has been one of the most Iconic woman in Mexico, In all her movies she plays and she was in reall life ... strong woman that wouldn't take any shit from man! plus she always looked amazing! I love that haha

  3. I love this post! So detailed and interesting! I must follow you!!! :)

    1. Well, thank you :) I actually loved this "film" and I thought that I could share it with you all. I'm glad you found it interesting !

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