Sunday, March 18, 2012


   M83 was named after the Messier 83 galaxy. It is then not surprising that the French band produces cosmic tracks, tracks that transport you to another dimension. I had the chance to see them live last friday, and let me tell you, it was an awesome trip !

   First, I was mainly surprised to see that they are true musicians. The drummer is excellent; the female vocalist is impressive and was never out of tune, despite the high pitched notes she had to reach. And even though their songs are kind of chill, they were so energetic the public could only respond.  

    But above all, seeing them live allowed me to really perceive Anthony Gonzalez's aesthetic. He and his band managed to build an entire universe around their songs, permeated with this sense of nostalgiachildren dreams (I Guess I’m Floating), teen hopes (We Own the Sky), and existential questions. And when they’re on stage, it’s like they’re exhorting us to stay young and optimistic people, not to be afraid of having fun, dreams and hopes, no matter how old you are, actually.
   Of course you can hear that through the name of their albums, the name of their songs and the lyrics but also through the slow rythms, the energetic drums, the keyboard notes that remind me of the 80’s french pop songs and the subdued voices. They also use a lof of distortion effects and guitar pedal effects.

 I can only recommend you to attend one of their live show, it’s so worth it !
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(You can also see some videos of the live show here and here, though the image quality is really bad, you can really perceive their amazing sound quality)

Absolute B.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


  1. I hadn't heard about them before, but I just listened to a few songs & I think I've found a new favorite. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Oh I love them and I love that song! I didn't know they were french in that case they sound like a modern Duff punk,perhaps?

    1. Well, to me they sound nothing like Daft Punk. It's really not the same genre.

      But it's actually an interesting point you're raising right now, people always compare new good DJs to Daft Punk or Justice. I don't think it's really relevant to compare bands or DJs to each other. I understand it may help understand the genre, but it's like new artists have to stay in the other's shadow.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts though =)

      Absolute B.


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