Saturday, March 3, 2012

Italy seen by Ieva

Today, no music post but a drawing made by Ieva, our illustrator, giving you her vision of Europe throughout drawings of young girls wearing a swimsuit representing a european country. It is a new project she started under the name of Ku Fashion. Every now and then, we will post you a drawing coming from this project to give you ours and Ieva's vision about Europe.

My mind :

   Among all Ieva's illustrations about Europe I chose Italy. Why didn't I pick up France ? Simply because Italy and I have a long story.  It's been three years now since I moved to Italy and I feel like it is part of me with its good points and its bad ones. I like both the face and the hairstyle Ieva chose to do for this drawing. It is interesting seeing her vision of Italy. Actually she didn't draw the typical italian girl everybody has in mind : I mean the girl with big sunglasses, dark skin and dark eyes, shaped like Monica Belluci.  And I think this is for the best ! 

 Ieva's mind :

   Actually there was one girl who followed my tumblr and she was like ''why there is no italy swimming suit??!!!" so I started to do that straight away and just thought about hot temper of italian people and their being impatient and loud, I wanted to show the funky and energized side of the italians. That's why the girl turned out a bit crazy looking :).


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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