Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Independant magazine Pizza pays tribute to Gianfranco Ferré - Part.1

Incognito was invited to the inauguration party for the releasing of  the forth issue of the italian independant magazine  Pizza.

  Tribute to the italian "architect designerGianfranco Ferré deceased in 2007
This video was meant to show the place that is entirely dedicated to him: the Gianfranco Ferré Foundation

  On the occasion of this party, the italian magazine Pizza inaugurated its forth issue by an exhibition of fake covers inspired by Ferré's work and created for the occasion. 

Now some photographs of the fake covers that I found the most interesting: 

  Gianfranco Ferré is a designer, therefore fabric was his raw material. That is why I thought this cover was really interesting since it represents a painting made of fabrics. 

 I like this cover for its architectural nature. When i saw it, I wouldn't figure out if what was on the plate was fabric or meat. What do you think ?

   Gianfranco Ferré is known for his passion for the Orient, hence this cover representing origamis. Origami is a japanese art (even though it started in China) and it consists in the folding paper. Gianfranco Ferré's first vocation was architecture, therefore shaping. And origami is definitely a question of shaping. 

   I liked this cover the least but I still found it very interesting. I pondered on the artist's approach: doing a screen capture of a Google search of Gianfranco Ferré seems rather easy. But on second thought, isn't it also a way of commemorating the late designer ?   I mean, by capturing this Google search, maybe the artist wanted to show that Ferré will always be in our memories since it is possible to find his work on the internet; and we know that what characterizes the internet nowadays is rapidity as well as impermanence

But Incognito wasn't at this event by chance, so...

to be continued... 
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Looks super nice. Wished I could have been there ;) Was actually at Ferre Fashion Show last season.. and you can really feel his architectural approach to cuts and design. a kiss x


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