Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gênes, mon amour

For this Wednesday post, Blodyn Bubble takes you to the dual city of Genoa, between lights and shade, inner and outter beauty.

I lived in Italy for a year. I've seen some beautiful cities. And yet, above Rome and its wonder, Firenze and its cultural weatlh, Sienna and its sun, only one city remained in my heart like a talisman… Genoa.

Street art representing the city of Genoa and made of little rocks

First, the colors of the city are fascinating. The sun gives them a vivdness I haven't seen anywhere else in the region. Each façade has its own shade and according to the legend, the difference in colors allowed the sailors to recognize their home from the sea. Our gaze cannot help but being attracted to this variety of colors. It does not constitute a loud mess though, the city only gains in harmony and magic.  

Piazza dei Truogoli 

The architecture is also very interesting. I would say it is exhuberant: everything, everywhere, more and more. Yet it is beautiful. Every building has its own striking detail. Each street corner has to be admire, the stone has been chiseled like lace. There are trompe-l’œil on each building so much so that the city acquires a new dimension: what you see is not necessarily real, one has to look past the apparences.  

A trompe-l’œil on a façade of the antique 

Genoa is also a city of light. Once again, the city is dual. The light of the Ferrari square which illuminates a gracious fountain fades into the alleys of the old city.

Piazza de Ferrari and its majestuous fountain

If the port is luminous and colorful, the alleys are dark and narrow. One can stand in the middle of one, stretch one's arms to reach both sides. It is the popular Genoa where the laundry hangs from the windows.

The dark alleys of the old Genoa

Genoa is a talisman in my heart. Like all the italian cities, Genoa is a city with hidden secrets. Each church, as simple it may be on the outside, keeps wonders inside. The dark alleys are the scene of intern lives stopping time. The buildings have gorgeous inner courtyard. The tourists have to become adventurers. Gênes is so much prettier inside. 

A fountain in the inner courtyard of the Palazzo Lomellini

Almost like a pretty woman

(translated from French by Absolute B.)
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


  1. Looks beautiful! Love Italian windows I Think they are so pretty! and the colours, so beautiful :)

  2. amazing!
    I wish I could go there.. I've never been to Italy and I'm dying to... how dreamy


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