Friday, February 3, 2012

Echoes of Silence - The Weeknd

Get ready to be blown away by this friday's musical post, especially if you're a fan of late King Of Pop Michael Jackson.

   Last month, The Weeknd (pronounce "the weakened") released a new album:Echoes of Silence, an overly impressive piece part of a trilogy. As an opening track, The Weeknd choose D.D. (for Dirty Diana) in which he imitates Michael Jackson’s voice so accurately that it is almost distrubing. As if he was channeling the King Of Pop. The instrumental is so deep that it brings the song to another level, way far from the mere cover of the King’s original song.
   This track is a bold statement coming from the 21 year-old musician. Indeed, if his first two albums were all about lust and self-destruction, this one exhudes self-confidence and self-affirmation. The beat of the songs is stronger and hit you harder as if to show that The Weeknd is definitely not weak.
  Waving between pop and R’n’B, The Weeknd is definitely a rising artist whose talent has been noticed not only by numerous fans but also by music producers like Drake and Lil Wayne.

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