Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Luisa Via Roma Firenze4ever Pink Party

Il campanile di Giotto et il Ponte Vecchio

   Firenzecapital city of the Toscane region, gave its language as well as a major part of its literature to Italy. Dante's city changed into a capital of fashion for one night thanks to  Luisa Via Roma, a luxury shop created by Andrea Panconesi. Every year for four years, Luisa Via Roma has organised fashion parties to gather famous bloggers and emergent ones. Were invited as guest bloggers this year: Bryan BoyAndy TorresChiara Ferragni,  Carolina Engman and many others. And what if Incognito also attended this event, would you believe it ? Demonstration:

  Fashion and music were the keywords of this pink party. The aim for the emergent bloggers was networking. That is why Incognito had prepared itself with beautiful contact cards designed by Ieva Ku:

   You have to talk, laugh, have a glass of champain, smile to the photographers and above all be ready to draw your cards. Without them, how do you expect people to remember you even though you're wearing the most stylish outfit of the party ?! I mean, this event was all aout networking and advertising. 
  Andrea Panconesi used this aspect of blogging in order to publicize Luisa Via Roma and chose to invite the most influent fashion bloggers of the moment, these who now have an impact on what fashionistas buy and wear. As regards the emergent bloggers, it was once again a question of marketing even if all of us cannot afford what the shop offers: Burburry, Galliano, Alexander Mc Queen, Alexander Wang etc... However, Luisa Via Roma has an outlet, therefore it is not totally impossible to shop there.

  The party was also presenting the launching of the new dress created by the bloggers of  the WERELSE project sold in limited edition at Luisa Via Roma.

  Disappontment, that is what we felt on seeing their new piece. Werelse is actually a good initiative because it was created by three bloggers who managed to design their own line thanks to their passion for fashion. But this dress is not interesting at all. We could have expected something a little more modern and creative. Instead of that, we discovered a dress we have seen a million times and that was not well designed. It is a shame because this kind of unfortunate undertakings contribute to make believe that fashion bloggers do not comprehend fashion. 

  The Pink Carpet Party was also an occasion to meet famous bloggers. They were indeniably available, willing to answer our questions and to take photos. The only thing we could blame them for was not mixing with the crowd so that the contact we had with them was less conditionned by their status of "celebrity bloggers".

  It was nevertheless a great night. It's not everyday one can attend this kind of event ! And it was not only about marketing. We had also the opportunity to meet other fashion bloggers (from Italy but not only) and to talk about fashion and music. For that matter, Incognito as well as other bloggers were invited by blogger Greta Miliani of In Moda Veritas to an apperitif at the Gucci Museum before going to the party. 

     Anita Mattioni of Fasion can't handle me

Giulia Pasciuti of Circe's Wonderland

Andy Torres on the left; Carolina Engman on the right

Bryan Boy

Greta Miliani et Donato d'Aprile of The fashion for Donny

Turban: H&M
Kimono: Kimonoya (Tokyo)
Sleeveless vest: Zara
Clutch: Bijou Brigitte (Italy)
Tights: Calzedonia (Italy)
Pumps: Asos

At the end of the night, Incognito played the game of glamour, hot pink and VIP photos...
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


  1. Hi!
    It was such a good party! I had the chance and the opportunity to meet the most famous international bloggers and specially the new ones like you! Greta had a beautiful idea to meet before the party and it was nice to meet you! You got style ( i really liked your turbant), but more important you have sense of criticism and you write like a journalist! hope the best for you and for your blog! see you! love chiara www.isnotmycupoftea.blogspot.com ps. next time i'll do contacts cards too.. i'm not very smart(!!!!!

  2. Ehi che belle foto!!!!! rubo quella insieme per metterla sul mio blog!! <3

  3. Hi!
    I've found a pic of me here, it was a great surprise! I like your blog and your style :-)
    P.S. We met at Luisa, I'm the blonde girl with short hair and roses scarf.


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