Friday, January 27, 2012

Crave You - Flight Facilities

EveryFriday, Incognito provides you with a selected song or album 
that meets the criteria of our Music Manifesto

Today, Incognito invites you to board the Flight Facilities, your pilotes will be Commandant M. Bison and Commandant Calvin Harris for a groovy trip. 
This is your flight attendant Absolute B. speaking, sit back, and enjoy !

   I could not have this section without talking about Crave You by the Flight Facilities and featuring Giselle. This song literaly epitomizes what we are all looking for in a song: a solid bass line; a melody that is catchy because it is groovy, a perfect voice combined with carefree lyrics
   This song is fresh and before you know it, your fingers start snapping and your hips swaying. There is also something sexy about this song reinforced by the saxophone solo.


   The Flight Ficilities is actually a collaboration between two british DJs: M. Bison, and another one you've probably heard of before, Calvin Harris


Mood of the song: Picture yourself listening to this song by a hot and almost suffocating summer afternoon, laying in the grass and drinking a cold beer mixed with half of a lime’s juice.
If you’re a girl, you’re wearing vintage lace shorts with a sleeveless black crop top; black wedge heel shoes and Ray Ban Wayfarers.
If you’re a guy, you’re wearing a sleveless light denim shirt on black shorts with navy blue TOMs and a panama hat.

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Absolute B.
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


  1. Nice song.... :)
    Me la immagino come sottofondo per un backstage di un servizio fotografico!

  2. I have never heard any of them before.. really liking this song!


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