Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shug'A'Very's Fashion Wishlist

1.  Dress - Ladies' Chiffon
2. Pumps - Miista
3. Collar necklace - Herringbone
4. Earrings - Barney's 
5.  Ring - Amrita Singh
6. Vintage ring from 1884

7. Sony Vaio snake skin motives
My computer is currently dying. It needs to stay plugged in 24/7 so I desperately need ad a new one. If could, I would buy this Vaio with snake skin motives. So chic !

8. Nikon reflex camera
Besides my vintage camera I only have a very simple numerical camera. I have already talked about how long and precise the adjustement need to be with my Agfa so it would be nice sometimes to have a reflex camera for taking street style and Urban Moments photos.

(translated from French by Absolute B.)
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


  1. cool items... I'd love a new camera as well!
    and I liked what you said about my Magritte post.. I did applied my own style and it turend a bit 80s-ish which I dig.. and I loved that I reminded you of boy george, it is not the first time someone's said that to me! ha.. He's one of my favorite style icons!
    take care! have a happy new year's eve!

  2. UGH I WANT THAT FIRST DRESS!!! <3 <3 xD Anyways, thank you for the comment on my blog! And to answer your question, yes you can nominate yourself. Also, once my my blog gets a more steady supply of followers I plan on creating another "Of the Month" section that is completely follower nominated. xP But that's a long ways in the future.

    {XOXO, Deanna}
    {Sweet Happenstance}

  3. same shit with my computer.. not cool at all!

    amazing wishlist btw, love those computers and must say i want one myself :)

    And thank you soo much for the sweet comment, really means alot!

    Is it you doing your drawings? AMAZED!

  4. @Cecilie: The Sony Vaioh computer is definitely as performant as a Mac today that is why I want to get one, plus you can choose the color and style it the way you want. But this is not yet for now!

    You are welcome I really mean it!

    We have now an illustrator on our blog, so this was the wishlist she draws herself. If you go a little bit further in your blog you can discover an interview about her and even access to her site ;).



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