Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm not afraid of being a tomboy with an Elvis' hairstyle

   I am definitely a tomboy, so I decided to let that part of me show in this look of the week post by doing my hair like Elvis.

   I love these bi material leggings. I'm not found of leather pants but they give a rock touch without being too excessive.
Faux fur coat : Londres 
jacket : Kiabi (France)
T-shirt : Pull&Bear
Leggings : Calzedonia Italia
Shoes : Pull&Bear

Inspirations : 

Elvis' hairstyle


   Very surprising but Bruno Mars as well as Elvis inspired me.

 Of course Janelle Monae is also one of my inspirations. I love how she revisited Elvis' Pompadour.


Grace Jones is an amazing figure of androgynia with a touch of charming sensuality. 

   Tilda Swinton, is definitely the androgyna figure who intrigues me the most. She has a strong bone structure that is almost masculine. The intensity in her gaze softens her features. She could perfectly embody David Bowie.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


  1. I really like the androgynous look, the mix between feminity & masculinity is really interesting.

  2. great post! Androgyny is SEXYYYYYYYYY

    looking great!

  3. I love the pompadour! I wear my locks in this style a lot!!

  4. I'm in love with that fur! epic outfit, you look awesome.. I used to have my hair really short for a while and I definitely tried men's hairstyles: bowie, dylan, mohawks and of course I did the Elvis do too.. love the boyish and androgynous look.. that's one of the reasons I've always felt quite smitten by tilda swinton, although she's a terrific actress.. I like that she's not into "looking hot, sexy or gorgeous" the way that 99% of actresses are... she's unique.
    awesome post.. keep rocking the elvis do!

  5. Your hair looks great...thanks for sharing!


  6. Love these pictures! You look gorgeous :)

    check out my blog :)


  7. I LOVE this. I'm always trying to mix a lil rock and lil retro vintage in my style and this is PERFECT! BTW you totally need to show us how you did your hair! I would love to try it out!

  8. @C.Elizabeth: Thanks a lot we are happy you loved this look. Thanks also for the advice for the video, we already think about doing videos though but we also have to think about how to do them, to make them good :D.

  9. You might say that this look has you...

    ...all shook up. YEAH!

  10. I wish I had half your fashion guts. Absolutely love it!


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