Monday, November 14, 2011

Teasingly Glamorous

 "Effortlessly chic" would be the best words to describe Dita Von Teese. She seems so unreal that on seeing her, one could think of an apparition. Jet black hair in a bob curl like the hollywoodian stars during the golden age of cinema; porcelain complexion, scarlet red lips and nails: she looks like she is coming from another era. However, Dita does not imitate but embodies the myth of the glamorous icons from the hollywoodian cinema such as Marylin Monroe and Marlène Dietrich, for instance. It is because she personifies that kind of beauty, very different from today's canon of beauty that she is effortlessly chic.


    Glamourous is the word that almost all designers who have seen Dita use to talk about her. According to me, they use it rightly. Indeed, the word glamorous belongs to the lexical field of the fairy tales. It defines a spell cast upon someone in order to make him or her attractive to the others. Dita Von Teese tallies with that definition: she charms, that is why she is glamorous. It is that power of attraction that finally made of her a fashion icon. MoschinoWonderbraVivienne WestwoodGiambattista Valli, they've all fallen for her charm. And the list doesn't stop in the fashion world. CointreauMartini as well as Perrier also understood that having Dita as their ambassadress was adding the glamorous touch they didn't have before. But as far as fashion is concerned, if I had to match her with a designer, it would be Jean Paul Gaultier. Watch that video and you will understand why:

Dita Von Teese ospite di Gaultier di penelope71

   Did you manage to take your eyes off the screen ? I couldn't. I saw elegance, charm and casualness.  Once again, "effortlessly chic".

    Ironic enough how I talk about Dita as a fashion and glamourous icon when she is the queen of strip tease, though. Don't you think ? But that is what justifies her title of queen of burlesque. This video of a show she gave at the Crazy Horse explains it well : 

Dita Von Teese - Crazy Horse 02 di GlossyMagazineTV

     It is a remake of a scene of the movie There's no business like show business and the song she sings is called "Lazy"(sung by Marylin Monroe in the movie). If you would watch the original version, you would see that Dita does not imitate Marilyn but she only is inspired by her. She makes it hers by adding her personal touch: burlesque. Beyond the striptease, Dita doesn't forget her sense of humour. Marylin only charms when Dita charms AND have you smile, don't you agree ? 

(translated from French by Absolute B.)
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  1. Oh my.. Dita Von Teese is amazing
    Love her

  2. She's amazing. Glamour, elegance & charm are innate.It's something about the way you move, the way you add, not really the clothes you wear or not wear...It's pretty hard to define.

  3. She's amazing. Definitely charm & elegance are innate. It's something about the way you move, the way you's hard to explain. It doesn't really matter the clothes you wear or not wear...

  4. she's gorgeous!
    love her own unique signature style. I think she's build up an image of elegance and poise in a very provocative way.. and it works.. she's always ultra-sexy without falling into the tacky or slutty category... my hat off to her.. great post! definitely a glamazone worth talking about.


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