Sunday, September 11, 2011

Urban Moments - Thrifting and Greenery

Friperie Freep' Show, 80 Rue du Loup in Bordeaux

  I am used to going to that thrift shop where one can find great pieces of clothing, but all the more so since I've started taking urban moments photos. It is an interesting spot because it is mostly stylish people interested in vintage who go to that store. (It is called Freep Show which is actually a pun: a "fripe" is a thrifted item in French but they wrote it "freep" to make it look like "peep show").

Freep Show Vintage

  So I was in front of Freep' Show when I saw these two guys. The one on the left first put his bag off camera but I immediately asked him to keep it. In spite of that, we still can"t see it properly. It was khaki and "vintagely" overwore. The one on the right manage to pull off a denim on denim outfit.

Ephemeral grafitti in a street perpendicular to that of Freep Show

  It was actually a collage made of newspapers. The main object of the scene, the lollipop, is red whereas the characters are in black and white. The mother is on the phone, she seems in a hurry and uninterested in her surroundings. Her daughter however is sensitive to the old man's misery and na├»vely holds her lollipop to him. It was a piece of art like an optimistic but still very lucid thought. An ephemeral thought though because a few days later, the collage was gone.

  I love street style photos of people on bikes, maybe because they seem more natural to me. However they are more difficult to take because of the movement. On that one, my focusing is not very good and she rode in the shade but i'm learning. I still like that photo for the girl's outfit and especially the hat. Simple outfit but great for a summer day.

Tree Man, in Saint Projet Square

Michel's, Rue du Cancera


Absolute B.
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


  1. Oh my goodness! These photos are incredible! I really got a sense of your city - like a slice of life... and the people who walk its streets! Wow. The street art is amazing too! Street art has been described as a "narcissistic" art form because it "vandalizes" property not belonging to the creator but i love it anyway. I really think, when properly executed (like this statement on society, for instance) it really enhances the structure it is displayed on... Thank you for these photos and your sophisticated sensibilities!

  2. J'adore votre blog les filles. Tres cool. Thanks for your comment on my blog and am now following you (feel free to do the same in case you like mine..). A kiss form Milano!

  3. Nice pics, it's not only street style, you manage to show the city atmosphere.

  4. Wow Follow Bordeaux seems so interesting and amazing. You show the culture of the area wonderfully in this post. I love the collage, it's sad that it's now gone though.

    Btw, love the new header.
    xo Odette

  5. Coucou, just to let you know that I investigated a little bit the issue on how to try to get tickets for fashion weeks on my blog.. just in case you feel like trying (as it seemed like you wanted to attend VFNO too but did not..)

    A kiss from Milan.

  6. I've seen that tree man before! I can't remember where I was. O and I love that graffiti

    xx Cristina


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