Thursday, August 25, 2011

Urban Moments - Beginnings

According to Coco Chanel's famous quote, "a fashion that does not reach the street is not a fashion". It is all the more true today as fashion designers aren't the only ones to have trends monopoly anymore. Therefore, some people decided to find inspiration directly in the streets and at the fashion shows gates; from John Cunnigham the pionneer to Scott Schumann, the sartorialist, and all the fashion bloggers including Incognito.

Style is supposed to be the perfect balance between  trends and personnal touch. It is then interesting to see how the fashion codes translate in the real world, how trends goes from the runaways to the street, how the others mix those trends with their own style. 

For this first street style post, I took my Coolpix P500 and Shug'A'Very and I wandered in the streets of Bordeaux, looking for that perfect balance.
We where in the St Pierre neighborhood when I saw Thi Thao Quynh. First, I wanted to "catch the moment". Then I decided to conquer the unusual shyness that always invades me at that moment to remind me that I am far from being a professional photographer.

Shug and I waited for her to finish her phone call before asking her to pose. Surprised but also a bit flattered, she accepted. Intrigued by her origins, we asked her where she was from and she said Viet Nam. She then quickly put our calling card in her back pocket and took off on her BMX. What a surprise then when we received an email from her that evening in which she apologized for being in such a rush. She also described our encounter as  "nice". Shared feeling !

Thi Thao Quynh

What caught our attention in Thi Thao Quynh's look was first her boyish look created by her bonnet, stylish in the winter as in the summer, her BMX and the flat low boots as well as the shades of colors. We also like her watch which looks like a vintage digitalis Nixon one.

Long skirts are very trendy. We liked this one because it is the right lenght since it goes down to the ankle in order to show a pair of heeled peep toe sandals. Also, the denim of her shirt and the nude of the skirt is quite a good match.

The shades of color he chose match very well (blue and brown). We like the Levis denim jacket, the scarf and the brown leather shoes bought at  Le Printemps of Paris. 

DIY Key Necklace

He told me he made this key necklace himself. He bought the key in a hardware store, hence the shape of it, and added a ring to it so as to have a chain go through it. 

Absolute B.
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


  1. Nice shoots, love the boyish style of the first girl.

  2. Love the post. Very good for your first street style post and you're fortunate to have encountered such friendly people and not rude ones. It is very interesting to see how style translates, especially when it's from runway shows that are very theatrical. Sometimes I wonder if some runway items, or even trends are able to move onto the streets at all.

    My favourite items are definitely Thi Thao's bag and Nicolas' key pendant, it was very crafty and innovative.

  3. Thanks for all the posts!! Love getting some blogger love lol! These shots are great... am so impressed this was your frist street style blog! I'm heading to new york this week... you may have inspired me to give it a try!

    xx Elia

  4. Way to go Bordeaux! I want to visit so bad!


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