Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spotted: actress Audrey Tautou shooting a movie scene in downtown Bordeaux

Despite the heavy sun, men wear "gavroches" (newsboy caps)
and women wear cloche hats
Last friday, as I was wandering in the streets of Bordeaux looking for new street style subjects, I had the luck to come across a filming. The crew was shooting a scene of Thérèse Desqueyroux, an adaptation of French writer François Mauriac’s novel. The main actors were Audrey Tautou and Gilles Lellouche.

The real scene happened place in Pey Berland Square in Bordeaux where the crew was shooting the last scene of the novel supposed to take place at Café de la Paix in Paris. For the occasion, the whole cast was wearing outfits from the mid 20’s, retrospectively called the roaring twenties since the economic crash that happened right after marked the beginning of a different period. The 20’s were also the golden age of fashion designers (Chanel, Poiret, Lanvin…). This filming will then give us the opportunity to have a look on the typical style of that key-decade in fashion history.

The cloche-hat (“cloche” meaning “bell” in French) was a symbole of elegance during the roaring 20’s. As its name implies, the cloche hat is shaped like a bell and was worn pushed down onto one’s head, covering the forehead in order to bring the gaze on the face and especially the eyes. It is always decorated with a headband, flowers or feathers.

Audrey Tautou, smiling between two takes

Thérèse Desqueyroux, Claude Miller
Slate 144, Scene 5, Take 3

Bernard and Thérèse Desqueyroux having their last argument

In her previous life, actress Audrey Tautou probably lived in France in the 20’s. Indeed, as she already played the part of Coco Chanel and as she is the face of the perfume Chanel n°5, she seems to be epitomizing the style of that decade which key words are chic, elegance and modernity (for that time)

It is first because she can pull off boyish short haircuts really well like the bob, typical of that period. Also because she embodies the chic à la française that is natural to her but which I believe was also given to her by the movie Amélie Poulain, since it is one of the most famous French movie among foreigners. Eventually because the figure of the 20’s is characterized by slimness and Audrey Tautou is slim.

Gendarmes uniforms with officer boots and belt for the waist


Women at that time wore suits. The skirt is often pleated and goes down to the knees since women start showing their legs a little. They also wear straped shoes with or without heels.

Besides, downtown Bordeaux is the perfect place to recreate scenes supposed to take place during the beginning of the 20th century since its historical architecture has been preserved: buildings made of stone from the 18th century, squares, fountains… The city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We will have the occasion to talk about it in following posts.

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  1. Oh my goodness! AMAZING shots! What an opportunity - how lucky to see such gorgeous costumes! Here in LA they film everywhere and it can be such an inconvenience as parking spots become even more difficult to find since they occupy so many spaces with their catering vehicles and equipment etc... Even worse, they have police guarding the sets so we could never get this close!!! How fun! Thank you for sharing these!

  2. Really interesting. 20s style has been always a favorite of mine, a revolution in woman's wardrobe started in that age.

  3. What a great post! I adore Audrey very much, she is so natural and stylish.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog about the make-up. I do understand with what you are saying about featuring ideas for different skin tones, but I use my make-up posts mainly as my own inspiration board, so I only use photos of models with skin tone and hair colour similar to mine.

  4. I wish i lived in the 20's century.. the fashion is fabulous..
    Lee x

  5. I am so jelous you got this close to the action! Great post! The 20's are one of my favourite decades - and it is nice to see casual 20's wear as opposed to sequined flapper dresses. Don't get me wrong, I love the 20's glamour scene, but cloche hats and skirt suits are much easier to incorporate in a working girls closet!

    xx Elia


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